Welcome to Kijabe Boys High School

Welcome to Kijabe Boys High school. Here we nurture men to lead and to serve. Men who have a capacity for creative and imaginative thinking. Men who can conceive new solutions to the problems and challenges we face as a country as well as visualize new possibilities.

Now more than ever our country needs men who can operate at the frontiers of knowledge, making new, appropriate and relevant inventions, innovations and adaptations, to transform Kenya into a modern industrialized and prosperous society. The development of this web site is part of our initiative to ensure our students develop the relevant knowledge, attitudes, values and skills in the world we live in today.

As a school we cannot afford to ignore the e-revolution and the impact it’s having an all facets of our society lest we be relegated to the annals of history. The hallmark of any progressive institution is its ability to exploit positively advancements in technology. By embracing ICT and developing ICT skills in our students we are nurturing manpower that will bring the much needed economic, social and political prosperity in our country in line with the vision 2030, and the realization of our mission & vision.

[column width=”1/4″ position=”first”][heading]Mathematics[/heading]maths dept[/column]

[column width=”1/4″ position=”none”][heading]Sciences[/heading]science dept[/column]

[column width=”1/4″ position=”none”][heading]Humanities[/heading]humanitird[/column]

[column width=”1/4″ position=”none”][heading]Languages[/heading]humanities[/column]

[column width=”1/4″ position=”none”][heading]Technology & Creative Arts[/heading]technology[/column]

[column width=”1/4″ position=”none”][heading]Games & Sports[/heading]games dept[/column]

[column width=”1/4″ position=”none”][heading]Guidance & Counselling[/heading]guidance and counselling[/column]

[column width=”1/4″ position=”last”][heading]Career[/heading]career depy[/column]

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