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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

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2010 – 2020

Transforming Potentials into Peak Performance

PHASE ONE:  2010-2015

We are excited to launch this Strategic (   )
Plan that seeks to transform potentials into peak performance. This Plan is a result of much consultation with the BoG, PTA, Teachers, Parents, and Stakeholders. A lot of time and effort has been invested to realise the dream to document, in a systematic manner, what we intend to do to transform Kijabe into a great National School for the next five years.

Through this Strategic Plan, we seek to:

a.  Transform boys into men with great academic achievement, great character and great careers. We want to transform them to become great citizens. We seek to transform the potential of each and every boy into peak performance

b.  Transform Kijabe into a great national school—a national school of choice for most students and parents; a school that will contribute to transforming our country into a great nation.

To do this, we have identified seven Key Result Areas. These are: Student Learning; Student Growth, Well Being, Engagement and Participation; Career Pathways and Transition; Grounds, Facilities, Infrastructure; Teaching and Learning Resources; Resource and Risk Management; Environmental Management; and, Corporate Social and Community Responsibility.

These will form the cornerstone of this Strategic Plan for the next five years. The plan will be implemented through Departmental Action Plans. Successful implementation of this plan calls for close collaboration and partnership between the school and all stakeholders.

We are all determined to make Kijabe Boys a school with a difference; schools which will face up to the challenge and overcome. It will be a place where excellent academic achievements complement a balanced character founded on the fear of God, where students come out better than would be expected based on their entry standards.

We seek to realise these objectives in this    Strategic Plan:


•    Increase the number of As at KCSE to 6% in 2010, 10% in 2011, 15% in 2012, 20% in 2013, 25% in 2014 and 30% in 2015

•    Increase number of B+s at KCSE & above by 11% every year; to have at least 70% of students leaving Kijabe Boys High School by 2015 with a B+

•    Maintain a minimum mean grade of C for every student

· KCSE target of a mean of 9.5

Each student has a special God-given ability. Kijabe

Boys High School is committed to helping them

convert the potential they have into

peak performance.


•Place soccer and volleyball teams at the

Provincial finals by 2012

•Provide and equip a music room by 2012

• Achieve a top 3 finish in the nationals (Badminton/ Table Tennis /Lawn Tennis): Provincial top 3 Basket Ball /Hand Ball /Rugby / Hockey: A national placing in swimming and athletics field event by 2015

• Continue participating at the nationals in music and drama aiming at being among the top 3 every year.


a) Teaching  & Learning Facilities.

•    Complete on-going construction of tuition and administration complex

•    Equip and refurbish the laboratories

•    Create two extra science laboratories

•    Provide spacious and modern multi-purpose hall

•    Put up a new library

•    Provide two computer labs

b) Catering & Accommodation Facilities

•    Improve, refurbish and furnish the dining hall and the kitchen

•    Build an ablution block and septic tanks

•    Install boilers for hot water for dorms

•    Expand and modernize the DH and the Kitchen

•    Improve and refurbish the existing dormitories

•    Build 2 dorms with a capacity of 400 students with attached staff housing

Complete Dorm Eight

4. Other Initiatives

•    Build 3,000 cubic meters underground water tank

•    Initiate partnerships with corporates for  resource  mobilisation.

We look forward  to a fruitful cooperation with the government  and other stakeholders in a rapid modernisation of the school.

What Guides us

We are guided by a set of fundermental statements, beliefs and principles which govern  our operations  which are outlined  below:

Our Mission

To nurture boys to be God-fearing and to pursue life-long learning and service to the society by providing a loving and caring environment and quality teaching that develop their knowledge, attitude and skills; and to equip them to lead and to serve.

Our Vision

To be a centre of academic excellence where boys learn to lead and to serve to the glory of God.

Our Core Values

¨ Godliness We cherish godliness as the basis for our success

¨ Diligence We believe in being careful as we persist in working hard

¨ Respect We endeavour to be show high regard for others and value others above oneself

¨ Integrity We make every effort to be morally above reproach and to adhere to high moral and professional standards

¨ Commitment We are dedicated to each other and to all that we do

¨ Team work We purpose to work in unity with one another and achieve the goals

Personalised Learning

We believe every individual student is created uniquely and each one of them has a God-given potential to excel. As a school, we have a duty to create a loving and caring environment and shall strive to add value to each student who comes through this school. In return, the student has a responsibility of working diligently, learning, performing and changing for the better.

In implementing this Strategic Plan, Kijabe Boys will be guided by the following principles: Quality, Continuous improvement, Inclusiveness and Accountability.

Kijabe Boys High School,

Box 50, 00220; Tel. 020-32046187

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




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